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Sustainable Foods and Farming: Local Growers Panel

Date: 03/23/2010

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: Theater Bell Museum of Natural History

Cost: Free


Sustainable Foods and Farming:  Local Growers Panel
Tuesday, March 23, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Bell Museum, University of Minnesota – East Bank, Minneapolis campus

Why is sustainability important for land and for people? What is being done in Minnesota to help reduce environmental degradation? Why should we care?  Local growers will share their stories of gardening and farming using organic and sustainable practices, native plants and alternative market structures. 

Speakers: Jim Riddle, organic farmer and sustainable agriculture advocate; Tony Thompson, a grower of corn, soybeans and native plants; Courtney Tchida, with the U of M’s Student Organic Farm; Norm Erickson, a grower of hazelnuts for food and fuel and other local growers.   

See the Bell Museum's Hungry Planet Exhibit before the panel starts.

The last hour will be an interactive session for audience members to ask questions and share information about opportunities to get involved in the local foods movement in the Twin Cities and beyond.


  • Name: Beth Mercer-Taylor
  • E-mail: bethmt@umn.edu
  • Phone: 612-624-9430
  • Sponsored by: Sustainability Studies Minor, Bell Museum of Natural History, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences


Bus routes 2B and C, 6, 16 and 52. For bus information call (612) 373-3333.

Ample parking is available just one block or less from the museum at the 4th Street Ramp or Church Street Garage.

More information: http://sustainabilitystudies.umn.edu/NewsEvents/index.htm

Disability Options:

To request disability accommodations, please contact Beth Mercer-Taylor, Sustainability Studies, 612-624-9430.

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