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For Event Goers: Using the Calendar

For Event Owners: Posting and Managing Events


What is events.umn.edu?

The Events Calendar at events.umn.edu is an online event portal for the University of Minnesota community. Faculty, staff, and student organizations can use the calendar to post both free and paid University sponsored events.

For Event Goers: Using the Calendar

Who can use the calendar?

The Events Calendar is open to anyone to purchase tickets or register for an event. See Posting and Managing Events for more information.

University faculty, staff, and registered student organizations are able to create an event on the Events Calendar. See the Events Calendar self-help guide for instructions.

Registering for Events / Buying Tickets

How Can I register for an event?

You can register or buy tickets online for an event from the event’s description page. If there is a cost to attend the event, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted.

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will show a charge from events.umn.edu

How do I get my Tickets?

When you register for an event, you will be able to choose to have tickets emailed to you or you may download them from the calendar site.

What if I don’t get an email with my tickets?

Occasionally tickets delivered electronically get flagged as junk mail by your email provider. Check your junk mail or spam folder to see if this is happened with your tickets.

You can also reprint your tickets online, by logging into your account at events.umn.edu. From the “My Account” screen, select “order history” and then the “reprint/forward registration” link next to the event.

Getting More Information about an Event

Each event listed on the calendar has its own event information page. On that page, you will see more information about the event and find links to information about the event owner.

If you need additional information about an event, you can contact the event owner directly. Each event information page has a link to the event owner’s contact information.

Security / Privacy

Is the Events Calendar site secure?

The site and data center are both certified as PCI-DSS compliant. PCI certification is the gold standard for security for e-commerce sites.

Is my personal information private?

The site complies with the University of Minnesota’s online privacy statement and best practices. See the University of Minnesota Privacy Statement.

Terms & Conditions

Where can I find the terms and conditions for the site?

The terms and conditions for ticket buyers can be found here: Terms of Service: Ticket Buyer

Getting Help

Questions about an event?

To find out more about a specific event, contact the event owner directly. Contact links are available on the event’s information page.

Technical Issue?

If you’re experiencing technical difficulties with a particular event or with the Events Calendar, contact the U of M Tickets & Events support team.

Event Owner Information

Creating, Editing, and Canceling an Event

Who can create events?

University faculty, staff, and registered student organizations are able to create an event on the Events Calendar.

What kind of events can be posted?

The Events Calendar is only to be used for University of Minnesota sponsored events. No personal, unrelated community events, or commercial business events are permitted.

How do I create an event?

See the instructions for creating events on the Events Calendar self-help guide.

How do I collect information from an attendee?

During the setup of your event, step 3 allows you to create questions that your attendees have to answer on a per order or per ticket basis. For example: If your event includes dinner, consider asking attendees if they need a vegetarian meal, a gluten free meal, a vegan meal, and so on.

How do I change the number of tickets available for sale?

You can change the number of tickets available for an event by logging into your account and navigating to “My Events.” Click “View” next to the event you wish to update. On the Event Dashboard, click “Edit Event” in the left column to edit your event’s details, including the number of tickets for sale.

How do I cancel an event or hide it from view?

You can change the status for the event from published to draft by going to “My Events” and clicking “View” for the event you want to cancel or hide. Click on the “Published” link to change your event to a “Draft.” This will remove your event from the site. The U of M Tickets & Events support team can help you with refunds from the cancelled event.

Costs and Payment

What does it cost to use the new events calendar?

There is no cost to post an event or to register for a free event. When there is a charge for an event, the event owner is charged 5% of the event revenue to cover credit card processing fees and UMN system administration costs.

When do I get paid?

Settlement payments are processed within 5-10 business days of the event taking place. Event revenue minus the 5% fee will be transferred via EFS using the number provided when the event was created.

How do I know the status of my event reconciliation/payment?

The status of your event can be tracked in the “My Events” section of the Event Owner Portal. Once an event has taken place, it moves from the “Completed” section to the “Settled” section under “My Events” in the Event Owner Portal.

How can I refund a registration fee?

Before the event—Check the status of the event on the “My Events” page. If the event is listed under “Upcoming” or “Complete,” a refund can be processed. Contact the U of M Tickets & Events support team with the customer name, phone number, event name and date, and order number, if possible. The Tickets & Events team will contact the customer directly to process the refund, release the registration, and confirm with you when it’s complete.

After the event—Once the event is settled, no changes with registrations, payments, etc. can be made. If a refund request comes to you after an event is settled, the refund must be in the form of a check issued by your college or department. Events are settled by the UMTE accounting team 5-10 business days after the event.

Event Promotion and Communication

Can I use social media to promote my event?

The site is fully integrated with several social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. Event owners can include a Twitter hashtag during the event creation process and, after creating the event, can post directly to Facebook from the event dashboard.

Can I use the events calendar email functionality to promote my event?

Email functionality in the Events Calendar should be limited to transactional information and/or event updates to registered attendees only. Event marketing and promotion via email must take place outside of the Events Calendar using Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Google Groups.

What are the criteria and the process for getting an event featured on the calendar home page?

  • The event should appeal to a wide audience. Free events are preferred.
  • Events are selected for notoriety/rarity/importance (for example, the talk featuring supreme court justice Antonin Scalia).
  • Selected events will include a variety of colleges and departments.
  • Events are selected based on U priorities (for example, sexual harassment courses, equity and diversity, achievement gap lectures, grand challenge lectures).

To submit a featured event, email Adam Overland at overland@umn.edu with the event title, date, and URL.

Event Day Details

How do I print a list of event attendees?

In your “Event Owner” portal, two attendee reports can be found in the dropdown menu below the “Event Host Sales” section. Select “View” to view the reports. Both reports can be printed.

If you prefer a printed list, click the “Download” button for a .CSV (comma separated values) file which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

How do I sell tickets at the door?

As the event owner, you are in control on the day of your event. Cash sales are standard for door sales. If your customer chooses to pay with their credit card, they can use their smartphone to purchase a ticket online through the Events Calendar. As the event owner, you have access to real time sales and will be able to see the sale once it has processed.

How do I scan tickets at the door?

The events calendar allows you to use your smartphone to validate tickets as your customers enter your event. The app, known as Sesame, is available for iOS and Apple devices via iTunes and Google Marketplace. The app allows you to choose the event then use your smartphone’s camera to scan the barcode on the ticket.

When does online registration close?

The default setting for registration to close is one hour after the event start time. That can be adjusted by event owners by going into the advanced settings on the ticket/registration prices and using the calendar settings on the prices. Related to this, events stay listed on the calendar until three hours after the start time.

Terms and Conditions

Where can I find the terms and conditions for the site?

The terms and conditions for event owners can be found here: Terms of Service: Event Owner

Individual event owners are also able to add their own terms and conditions. Event owner-supplied terms and conditions are displayed during the ticket sales/registration process.

Getting Help

Questions about setting up an event?

If you need help setting up your event, please reference the Events Calendar self-help guide or contact the U of M Tickets & Events support team.