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Department of Philosophy Presents

"Appreciation and Responsibility", Cheshire Calhoun, ASU

9/27/19, 3:30 PM

About this event

"Appreciation and Responsibility"
Cheshire Calhoun, ASU, will be giving a talk
Abstract:  Given how central feeling, expressing and receiving appreciation are in our everyday lives with others, one might wonder why these are important. Are these just instrumentally valuable because they make us happier, more satisfied with our lives, and more motivated to do good things in the future? Strawson suggested that “reactive attitudes” like resentment and gratitude are valuable because they are central to regarding others as responsible agents. I take this thought seriously, and argue that if gratitude and appreciation are reactive attitudes, we will need to reconceive what it means to regard someone as a responsible agent. To be a responsible agent is not just to be someone who can be held accountable for failures, but as someone who has the capacity to take responsibility in a variety of ways. I conclude with remarks on why expressing appreciation and feeling appreciated matters. 
Location:  1-136 Carlson School of Management (CSOM)
Event Location
  • CSOM
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA