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Center for Jewish Studies Presents

"Jews Invisible and Visible: Television and the Question of Difference"

10/3/18, 11:30 AM

About this event

The history of Jews, film, and television in the United States has most often been constructed around the binaries of visibility and invisibility.  While Jews and Judaism have certainly been represented on screen, it has been invisibility in its many incarnations that has attracted the interest of observers.  This invisibility has been used to disseminate narratives of Jewish self-hatred or conspiracies of Jewish power and control over a Christian America. Television, more than any other medium, has made Jews and Judaism visible to an unprecedented degree. The effect of this increased visibility has not been an amplification of the sense of Jewish power and control, but rather the opposite.
Mitchell B. Hart is professor of modern history and the Alexander Grass Chair in Jewish History at the University of Florida.  
Event Location
  • 135 Nicholson Hall, UMN East Bank
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA