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School of Statistics Presents

Modeling Natural Catastrophes: Is it a Complete Disaster?

11/27/18, 9:00 AM

About this event

Natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and pandemic diseases are just some of the many catastrophic events that threaten communities with loss of life and devastating financial damage. We may not be able to avoid such calamities altogether, but with the help of catastrophe modeling we can calculate the risk posed by these events and better prepare for their arrival.

In this half-day seminar, learn how the challenging field of catastrophe modeling informs decision-making in the insurance industry. This discipline fuses together knowledge of statistics, engineering, meteorology, seismology and other sciences. Attendees should have a basic understanding of statistics in order to gain the most from this event.

History and Present State of Statistical/Physical Modeling – Nature’s Curveballs

Insurance of Catastrophe Exposed Risk - Art of Using Noisy Predictions

Man, Nature and Climate Change – Present Imperfect, Future Tense

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Event Location
  • Walter Library
  • 117 Pleasant St SE
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA - United States