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Asian American Studies Presents

Asian American Superheroes

10/19/18, 2:00 PM

About this event

Asian American Studies presents a panel on Asian American superheroes.

Have you ever thought “WOW, it’d be awesome if Superman was Asian American”?

What if Superman’s greatest strength wasn’t his love for humanity but his ability to make the crispiest egg rolls? What if he drives a wicked Civic and struggles with discrimination at the workplace? What if he is still trying to understand his identity as an Asian + American + ALIEN?!

Join us for a discussion featuring a panel of pop culture enthusiasts/students Muajyeej Vang, Hlee Xiong, Kongmeng Yang, Michael Thao, and Asian American Studies instructor John Matsunaga around what it means to have Asian/American superheroes (yes they do exist) and Asian/American representation in popular culture.

Free and open to all. Snacks provided.

vong0018@umn.edu or 612-625-4813
Event Location
  • Appleby Hall, room 311
  • 128 Pleasant St SE
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA - United States