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Center for Jewish Studies Presents

The Hyphenated Jew

5/5/19, 4:30 PM

About this event


This conference will examine the meaning of the hyphenated Jew (both with and without the diacritical marker “-”) and Jewish identity in history and theory.

Sunday, May 5: West Wing, Campus Club

4:00 pm Opening Remarks:

Daniel Schroeter & Bruno Chaouat

4:30 pm Session One

Moderator: Melissa Harl Sellew

Chad Goldberg: “Two Cheers for Alienation: Why ‘Stabilization’ of Hyphens May Not Be (Entirely) Bad for the Jews”

Sarah Hammerschlag: “The postwar project of recasting the French-Jewish Intellectual”

Gary Cohen: Discussant 

7:30 pm Keynote

Introduction: Leslie Morris

Vivian Liska: “How ‘Jewish’ were the Writings and Identity of Franz Kafka and Walter Benjamin?” Reflections on a Title

Monday, May 6: Presidents Room, Coffman Union

9:30 am Session Two

Moderator: Mohsen Goudarzi

Yuval Evri: “Al- Andalus in Palestine: Recovering Hyphenated Identities and Traditions beyond the Partitioned Political Reality”

Noam Sienna: “Elia Benamozegh and the Work of Judeo-Arabic Intellectuals in the Sephardi Mediterranean”

Michelle Hamilton, Discussant

1:00 pm Session Three

Moderator: Michael Gottsegen

Klaus Hödl: “Beyond the hyphen? Jewish self-understanding in Viennese spatial contexts”

Anna Paretskaya: “The Jewish Paradox of Soviet Universalism”

Katya Oicherman, Discussant

2:45  Film Presentation: Daniel Blaufuks, Judenrein

4:00 pm Keynote

Introduction: Riv-Ellen Prell

Shaul Magid: The Anxious Hyphen between Judaism and Christianity: Elijah Zvi Soloveitchik and Oswald Rufeisen


Event Location
  • Coffman Union
  • 300 Washington Ave SE
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA