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Center for Early Modern History Presents

CEMH Lecture: The Art of Exchange in the Indian Ocean World

3/15/19, 12:12 PM

About this event

The Center for Early Modern History presents:

Nancy Um
Department of History
Binghamton University

"Gifting and Regifting Zebras in the Seventeenth Century: The Art of Exchange in the Indian Ocean World"

This talk takes as its point of departure the famous seventeenth-century painting of a zebra, rendered by the Mughal artist Ustad Mansur for Emperor Jahangir. This image has long been recognized as an exemplar of that artist’s skills in naturalistic rendering, as well as the inquisitive and encyclopedic interests of his patron. In this paper, Jahangir’s zebra, which was received as a gift originally and then passed on to Safavid Shah ‘Abbas, is placed into dialogue with other zebras that were sent from the Red Sea to the Ottoman and Mughal courts, but also the Dutch maritime capital Batavia at the end of the seventeenth century. When seen together, these animals shed light on the meaning of gifts, especially animate ones, and their complex relationships to those who dispatched and received them in the early modern Indian Ocean world.
Event Location
  • Heller 1210
  • 267 19th Ave S.
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA - United States