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Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science Presents

Lucy Forston. Annual Science Symposium. Optimizing the Human-Machine Partnership with Zooniverse

1/25/19, 4:00 PM

About this event

Annual Science Studies Symposium

Optimizing the Human-Machine Partnership with Zooniverse

Lucy Fortson,
School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Minnesota

Abstract: Citizen science—the involvement of hundreds of thousands of people in the research process— provides a radical solution to the challenge of dealing with the greatly increased size of modern data sets. Zooniverse.org is the most successful collection of online citizen science projects which have enabled over 1.7 million online volunteers to contribute to over 120 research projects spanning disciplines from astronomy to zoology. Dr. Lucy Fortson, cofounder of the Zooniverse and Associate Head and Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota will briefly describe the Zooniverse platform and some of the results to date from the Zooniverse collection of online projects in the context of new approaches to combining machine learning with human classifications. She will then provide an overview of recent data science experiments with the ultimate goal of producing a system that most efficiently balances the human and machine classifications. She will finish with a short description of future developments of the Zooniverse platform.

This public lecture is free, no registration is required.
Contact: Janet McKernan mcps@umn.edu 612-625-6635
Event Location
  • N219 Elliott Hall
  • 75 E River Rd
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA - United States