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Center for Writing (C4W) Presents

Does citation matter in the age of Google? (Engaging Controversies)

11/3/17, 9:00 AM

About this event

Friday, November 3, 12 Nicholson Hall, 9:00–10:15am


Citation practices are hallmarks of advanced academic writing, and for instructors, it becomes part of the habit of operating in a discipline. For undergraduate students, the citation process can be labyrinthine and frustrating, as their familiar expectations from earlier writing may not prepare them for National Library of Medicine, Chicago, IEEE, or APA. As hypertext documents become more sophisticated, do the traditional reasons for including citation justify the continued use of traditional strategies? What are the benefits and risks of our increasingly networked documents?


Readings are provided to registrants to spark this discussion, facilitated by Dan Emery (WAC).

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Event Location
  • 12 Nicholson Hall (East Bank)
  • 216 Pillsbury Dr SE
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA