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College of Design Presents

Architecture as Catalyst | James Garrett Jr.

3/7/17, 1:00 PM

About this event

With the theme of difference, Architecture as Catalyst 2017 invites new fictions of space, material, sensation, culture and reality by way of reflecting upon agile points/spheres of relative comparison while observing those differences which make a difference. We hope you can join us!

James artistically deploys technology and green design principles to articulate an evolving comprehension of the 21st century city.

Born on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas and spent his formative years in St. Paul, Minnesota where he developed an early interest in the workings of cities—especially the buildings, people, and interstitial spaces that compose them. As a visual artist and published writer—trained as an architect—he expresses the urban condition through the lenses of art and design. His work employs diverse media to explore complex theoretical topics from a unique, ethnoexperiential perspective.

James Garrett Jr.  will present several examples of 4RM+ULA design projects—some built, some unrealized— that exemplify the intersection of art and architecture in contemporary practice. Through his work, he will introduce and explore the concept of Neo Deco Architecture and present it as an effective conduit for sublime communication and expression.

Register here: z.umn.edu/catalyst2017
Event Location
  • See listing for details
  • 89 Church St SE
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA