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Department of Art Presents

Sara Cwynar - Visiting Artist Talk

9/12/18, 7:00 PM

About this event

Sara Cwynar will discuss the exhibition of her work, Sara Cwynar: Image Model Muse, which will go on view at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The lecture is presented by the University of Minnesota’s Visiting Artist and Critics Program and co-hosted by Mia.

“Sara Cwynar’s work is at the vanguard of a younger generation of conceptual photographers who, in the digital age, explore the relationship between physical reality and its reproduction,” said Ritter. “Her work questions the permanence of objects when popular culture renders the lifespan of images increasingly short. The obsessive materiality of her photographic images call attention to their constructedness, serving not only as a compelling formal device, but as a metaphor for how beauty and desire are also constructs in and on themselves.” - Gabriel Ritter, Curator and Head of Contemporary Art, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Cwynar’s films, shot on 16 mm film, are meditations on the emotional impact of color, design, and popular imagery, and their role in the manifestation of desire for objects and others. She builds multi-layered theses that look not just to the history of design and production, but also to how the political realm we inhabit dates, fades, and changes. Cwynar extensively quotes philosophers, cultural theorists, and writers in her films through voiceovers; sources range from the writings of Jean Baudrillard and Martin Heidegger to Lauren Berlant and Toni Morrison. She also considers how a post-feminist landscape can make both the sexism and counter-sexism of earlier decades appear dated, even kitsch. Yet Cwynar constantly returns to the theme of progress and reaction and explores how these are still powerful forces, regardless of the forms they may now take.
Event Location
  • Weisman Art Museum
  • 333 East River Road
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA - United States