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Center for Jewish Studies Presents

Michelle Hamilton Presents: "Sephardic Food and Identity in Medieval Spain"

2/7/18, 7:30 PM

About this event

What was Jewish cuisine like in medieval Spain and what did Christians think it was like? In this talk I explore what foods were recommended by Sephardic authors as part of a healthy and spiritually rewarding lifestyle, as well as explore how Sephardic cuisine had a prominent place in the literary and cultural imagination of medieval Christian Spaniards, for whom Jewish food and foodways came to be associated with a host of misperceptions about Jews and Jewish life and belief.

Michelle M. Hamilton is the Director of Medieval Studies and Professor of Spanish & Portuguese at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She is author of two monographs, Beyond Faith Belief, Morality and Memory in a Fifteenth-Century Judeo-Iberian Manuscript, (2015) and Representing Others in Medieval Iberian Literature (2007), and several articles on medieval literature and culture. She is also the co-editor/organizer of a volume of essays on Iberia and the Medieval Mediterranean (In and of the Mediterranean 2015). Her areas of specialty include the Arabic, Hebrew and Romance literatures and cultures of medieval Iberia.

This event is free and open to the public.
Cosponsored by Spanish & Portuguese Studies
Event Location
  • Temple of Aaron
  • 616 Mississippi River Blvd
  • Saint Paul MN
  • USA