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Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life Presents

Afro-Futurism: Thank You For The Funk!

3/1/18, 5:30 PM

About this event

To dream of worlds and spaces in which there are no isms/phobias (racism and homophobia specifically) and black people are central to the narrative is to believe in fantasy and science fiction. This interactive workshop addresses the history of Afrofuturism, includes excerpts from the best Afrofuturists and provides participants with the opportunity to use oral traditions as a tool to create futuristic narratives. This workshop fills an important void; people of color, and in particular, black people, are often hidden or missing altogether in works of speculative fiction. It is also an opportunity to queer the literary world and to encourage a larger presence of black protagonists. In the context of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, an exploration of Afrofuturism is a way to both discuss our current sociopolitical landscape and imagine radically different literary futures.

As usual, we will provide food! :) 

About the facilitator:

Stephanie Chrismon is an educator, writer, Afrofuturist and pop culture junkie. Her first novel Bright City, written under the pen name dc edwards, debuted in April 2017. She lives in St. Paul with her partner and their two weird cats.

About the group:

Tongues Untied is a space by and for Indigenous people and people of color who identify as queer and/or trans. The group serves to connect students, staff, faculty, and the Twin Cities community by holding discussion groups that focus on how race, sexuality, and gender impact our lived experiences. It is open to all members of the University.

Contact Information:

Diversity.umn.edu  |  gsc@umn.edu  |  Appleby Hall 40  |  612-625-0537  |  FB: /gscumn  |  T: @gscumn  #QueerUMN  #gscumn

Event Location
  • Appleby Hall 223
  • 128 Pleasant St SE
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA - United States
This event is presented by Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life