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Weisman Art Museum Presents

IMPRINTS - Student Design Showcase

4/19/17, 7:00 PM

About this event

Wake up, get dressed, buy coffee, commute. Every day we practice how we present ourselves to the world: it's the way we dress, it's our breakfast of choice, it's the car we drive or the bus we ride. At the same time, we are consumers and observers of everyone else's self-presentation.

These questions of identity are the themes that the designers of this year's Student Design Showcase will consider through the creation of runway-ready garments. Inspired by WAM's exhibition The Talking Cure by Melissa Stern and featured artwork What Needs to Be Said? by Rebecca Krinke, this year's theme challenges each designer to create a piece that visually represents a self-presentation narrative.

Join us as models walk the runway and stay for a reception where you can talk to the student designers. In partnership with the College of Design.

Tickets are now available.
Free for WAM members and UMN students.
Event Location
  • Weisman Art Museum
  • 333 East River Pkwy
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA