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Department of Sociology Presents

Sociology Workshop: Prof & Associate Dean Penny Edgell & Associate Prof Enid Logan

4/16/18, 2:30 PM

About this event

Join us for our first Dynamic Duo presentation of the semester, “Seeing the White in Christian America”, with Professor and Associate Dean Penny Edgell and Associate Professor Enid Logan. Abstracts below.

Professor Penny Edgell: How much of what we think we know about American religion is shaped by the experiences and discourses of White Protestantism -- especially white evangelicals? Asking questions about the intersection of race and religion forces us to rethink the standard analytical framework we have used to understand American religion, moving away from a focus on beliefs and morality to an understanding of religion as a cultural repertoire that forms key symbolic boundaries and that can be deployed to defend against perceived threats to a particular social milieu and way of life.

Associate Professor Enid Logan: Professor Logan will discuss research interests and preliminary findings from her study, “Making America Great Again: College Student Perspectives on Race, Gender, Immigration & Religion in the 2016 Presidential Election,” focusing on the evangelical subpopulation of study respondents. Issues to be explored include white and non-white evangelical understandings of the role of race in the 2016 election, how conservative and progressive evangelicals made sense of the overwhelming white evangelical support for Trump, and the fissures among white evangelicals caused by the election itself.

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Event Location
  • Room 1114, Social Sciences Building
  • 267 19th Ave S
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA