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Center for Writing (C4W) Presents

How does data visualization change academic writing? (Engaging Controversies)

10/6/17, 9:00 AM

About this event

Friday, October 6, 12 Nicholson Hall, 9:00–10:15am


The history of imaging technology and the history of writing as technology are inseparable, from cuneiform, illuminated manuscripts, and woodcut printing to the latest in 3D rendering, computer monitoring, and virtual reality. How have the latest changes in imaging technology transformed writing for students and instructors? What might these changes mean for our assignments, assessments, and instructional practices?


Readings are provided to registrants to spark this discussion, facilitated by Dan Emery (WAC).

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Event Location
  • 12 Nicholson Hall (East Bank)
  • 216 Pillsbury Dr SE
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA