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Institute for Advanced Study Presents

Stephen Polasky: Making Nature Count: Rewriting Economic and Political Rules So Nature Matters

9/27/18, 3:30 PM

About this event

Economic growth has transformed the planet with both positive (improved material standards of living) and negative impacts (degradation of the environment including air and water pollution, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification, and climate change). One major cause of environmental degradation is that market systems reward firms for producing commodities but not for maintaining environment quality. Correcting this imbalance to properly account for the value of nature can be achieved using a variety of public and private sector approaches. This talk  by Stephen Polasky, Regents Professor and Fesler-Lampert Professor of Ecological and Environmental Economics, reviews theory and evidence on what approaches are likely to be successful to rewrite market rules to make nature count.

Cosponsored by the Department of Applied Economics; the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology; the Department of Economics; and the College of Biological Sciences.
Event Location
  • Crosby Seminar Room, 240 Northrop
  • 84 Church St SE
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA - United States