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Anthropology Department Presents

1st Annual Stephen F Gudeman Lecture: Dr. Adam Kuper

11/5/18, 4:00 PM

About this event

The Department of Anthropology invites you to the first annual Stephen F Gudeman Lecture on November 5th, 2018. Dr. Adam Kuper (Boston University) is a specialist on the ethnography of Southern Africa, and he has written widely on the history and theory of anthropology.

Adam Kuper
Stephen Gudeman Lecture

Deconstructing Anthropology

Anthropology started out as the science of the savage. It has become the science of the Other. The Other is our opposite number, our alter-ego, ourselves turned upside down. The savage was the last free man, perhaps – at one with nature and the spirit world, an intuitive artist. For Darwin, however, he was little better than an animal; for Lévy-Bruhl, he was pre-logical; in Freudian fantasy, he was polymorphically promiscuous. He has been represented as the binary opposite of Economic Man by Malinowski and Mauss – and, sometimes, by Gudeman.   

I will invite you to deconstruct anthropology’s most venerable avatars: the savage, the primitive, the tribesman, the indigenous; the man of culture and the civilised person; the rationalist and the irrationalist; the individual and the “dividual”. Perhaps we can then make a start on the reconstruction of the discipline.
Event Location
  • Coffman Memorial Union, President's Room
  • 300 Washington Ave. S.E.
  • Minneapolis MN
  • USA - United States