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Life on Earth: The Origin of Elements

Date: 12/20/2011

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Bryant Lake Bowl, Minneapolis

Cost: $5-$12 (pay what you can) Tickets available at the door and online. Call (612) 825-8949 for reservations.


The only elements made in the Big Bang were hydrogen and helium—the building blocks essential for life were nowhere to be seen. So, where did the carbon in our bodies come from? Terry Jones, professor of astronomy at UMN, explains how elements like oxygen and iron were made, and how they came to be incorporated into our home planet, making life on Earth possible.

Jones is an infrared astronomer who specializes in measuring the polarization of light to reveal the structure of dust in comets and the magnetic field geometry in galaxies, and to pinpoint the locations of hidden stars. He has been teaching astronomy at the UMN Institute for Astrophysics since 1982, and has received both the IT Outstanding Instructor award and the Horace T. Morse UM Alumni Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education.




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