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Housing Alumni Gala

Date: 11/10/2010

Time: 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: 274 McNeal Hall

Cost: Free


The annual Housing Alumni Gala is a gathering of current students and alumni of the housing studies program.

The University of Minnesota Outreach, Research and Education (UMore) Park is a 5,000-acre site 25 miles southeast of the Twin Cities at the suburban-rural interface, near Rosemount, Minnesota. The vision is to build a University-founded community of 20,000–30,000 people. Last fall, Marilyn Bruin (associate professor in housing studies and UMore Park Academic Mission Advisory Committee member) shared information about current and planned activities at UMore. This year we’ll hear from two undergraduate students who interned at UMore Park over the summer.

SHARE YOUR NEWS  We will allow extra time this year to have alumni share what they are currently doing and to talk and network with students.

Out of town? Can’t attend? For those of you who are out of town or can’t get to the event, we invite you to send us an update about what you are doing to share during the event and in our alumni news blog. Send news to Lori Mollberg, lmollber@umn.edu.

Alumni and students - Please pass this along to former classmates you’d like to see at the gala.

QUESTIONS? Contact Becky Yust, byust@umn.edu or 612-624-7461.



  • Name: Laura Walton
  • E-mail: lwalton@umn.edu
  • Sponsored by: College of Design

Reservation Information:

The event is free but registration is requested for planning purposes.

Register by November 3 online or call 612-626-6385.


Disability Options:

To request disability accommodations, please contact Laura Walton at 612-626-6385 or lwalton@umn.edu.

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Housing Alumni Gala 2010 invite (PDF)