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Frontiers In the Environment

Date: 02/15/2012

Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Location: IonE Seminar Room R380 Vocational-Technical Education

Cost: Free


February 15: Clearing the Air: Indoor Air Pollution, Health and Climate in Developing Countries Presenter: Jill Baumgartner, Postdoctoral Researcher, Global Renewable Energy Leadership Program, University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment.


More than half of the world’s population burns solid fuels, mostly wood and coal, in open fires or low-quality stoves for cooking and heating. The resulting indoor air pollution is a leading cause of disease and death—more than malaria and tuberculosis. New evidence also suggests that indoor air pollution contributes to climate change at regional and global levels. Interventions for reducing indoor air pollution (improved cookstoves or cleaner-burning fuels) are straightforward, yet billions will likely continue to depend on wood and coal for decades due to complex socioeconomic and behavioral barriers. Drawing from her field studies in China, Baumgartner will discuss the contribution of indoor air pollution to health and climate, challenges to reducing indoor air pollution in developing countries, and potential game-changing new interventions and strategies.


  • Name: Jillian Stein
  • E-mail: stein482@umn.edu
  • Phone: 612-626-1202
  • Sponsored by: Institute on the Environment


Gortner Ave. Ramp

More information: http://www.environment.umn.edu/news_events/events/frontiers.html

Disability Options:

To request disability accommodations, please contact Jillian Stein, Institute on the Environment, stein482@umn.edu, 612-626-1202.

Event Recording: https://umconnect.umn.edu/IonEFrontiers

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