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Around the World in 180 Minutes

Date: 03/10/2010

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: 210 Donhowe

Cost: Free


The University is host to many students and staff from other parts of the world. In this lively session, International Student and Scholar Services will provide a whirlwind tour of the globe by addressing a series of questions, including:

*What is the U of M's largest international population?
* What's the difference between the Arab and the Muslim world?
*Are there significant cultural differences among our Asian students and scholars?
* What are international students' impressions of the U.S.?
* Has the U of M changed with the breakup of the Soviet Union?
* Where are the Europeans on campus? Where are the Africans?

This course is for University of Minnesota employees. Please click here for more information or to register for this course. If you have any questions please email orgeff@umn.edu or call at (612) 626-0774.


  • Name: Organizational Effectiveness
  • E-mail: orgeff@umn.edu
  • Phone: (612) 626-0774
  • Sponsored by: Organizational Effectiveness

More information: http://www1.umn.edu/ohr/profdev/interpersonal/index.html

Disability Options:

To request disability accommodations, please contact Organizational Effectiveness at


or call at (612) 626-0774.

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