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Seeing is Believing: Rational Responses to Evidence in Medieval England - Professor Lianna Farber, English, University of Minnesota


Date: 02/07/2012

Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Location: 1210 Heller Hall

Cost: Free and open to the public


Lianna Farber is a professor of English at the University of Minnesota, where her research and teaching focus on medieval literature and thought.  Her recent publications include Anatomy of Trade in Medieval Writing: Value, Consent, and Community (2006) and “Aquinas on Marriage.” Aquinas and the Post-Modern World (forthcoming).

This talk will examine the legal history of the witness in the medieval period: the idea that seeing something is proof that it occurred and that saying you have seen it is legal evidence that it happened.


  • Name: Center for Medieval Studies
  • E-mail: cmedst@umn.edu
  • Phone: 612-626-5054
  • Sponsored by: Medieval Studies, English


Parking is available at the 21st Avenue ramp and in the 19th Avenue ramp. Reciprocal contract parking is also available for those with contracts on the east bank or on the Saint Paul campus. 

More information: http://www.cmedst.umn.edu

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To request disability accommodations, please contact the Center for Medieval Studies.

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