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“Trans-Pacific: From China to Mexico in Early Modernity”


Date: 10/22/2010

Time: 12:15 PM - 2:00 PM

Location: 1210 Heller Hall

Cost: Free


Please join the Center for Early Modern History for a lecture by Dana Leibsohn of Smith College entitled, "Trans-Pacific: From China to Mexico in Early Modernity."

In what ways was “China” meaningful to people living in Spanish America? In the16th-18th centuries, in places like Manila and Puebla, Acapulco and Mexico City, how did the geography of the foreign and exotic take form? To answer these questions, this presentation explores not only economic desire and ethnography, but also images and words, and the materiality of things. Because early modern and contemporary geography are comprised of both lived realities and imagined experiences, Dana Leibsohn will also consider the borders of modern history and interpretive practice. For decades, trans-Pacific geographies and their material traces were not particularly interesting to scholars, but this is changing. Leibsohn wil conclude by examining why this is, and what this shift in our appreciation implies.

You may bring a lunch or share in the light repast provided by CEMH. For additional information, contact cemh@umn.edu or stop by the Center located at 1030 Heller.


  • Name: Midori Green
  • E-mail: cemh@umn.edu
  • Sponsored by: Art History, College of Liberal Arts, Immigration History Research Center, History, Religious Studies, Theorizing Early Modern Studies (TEMS), Early Modern History, Institute for Advanced Study, James Ford Bell Library, American Indian Studies Workshop, Office of Research and Graduate Programs, European Studies Consortium, Global Studies

More information: http://www.cemh.umn.edu

Disability Options:

To request disability accommodations, please contact cemh@umn.edu.

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