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OpenMx Workshop

Date: 04/02/2010

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: N647 Elliott Hall

Cost: Free, but please RSVP to nwaller@umn.edu


Announcing a FREE workshop on
by Dr. Steven Boker of the University of Virginia

Sponsored by the CLA Quantitative Models and Methods (QMM) Committee

Time: April 2, 2010, 1 – 4 pm
Place: Elliott Hall, Room N647

Although this workshop is free and open to the entire U of MN community, please rsvp
to nwaller@umn.edu so that we have an accurate head count (we will move to a larger
room if necessary)

This 3 hour workshop will introduce the use of the OpenMx Structural Equation Modeling
(SEM) package. The workshop will begin with a very brief introduction to the calculation of the
covariances of linear combinations and the notions of path analysis. Next will be an
introduction to the data structures used in specifying models in OpenMx. These structures are
somewhat different than those used in traditional SEM modeling software. They follow a
modern object-oriented approach along the lines of R's S4 objects rather than other software
that uses specification structures essentially inherited from programs that were originally
written in Fortran. Next, we will specify and fit a wide variety of models that may include
(depending on time and the specific interests of the workshop participants): multiple and
multivariate regression, confirmatory factor models, latent growth curves, latent differential
equations, moderated parameter models, multigroup models, and multilevel multivariate
models with moderated parameters. This list may be modified if prospective participants
contact Niels Waller (nwaller@umn.edu) with requested model types. The workshop will be
hands-on. I will assume that participants are familiar with R, but may not be as familiar with
SEM. Please bring a laptop with R 2.10.1 installed, and the "psych" and "OpenMx" packages
installed. R 2.10.1 and the "psych" package can be installed from CRAN. OpenMx can be
installed from the OpenMx website at http://openmx.psyc.virginia.edu .


  • Name: Niels Waller
  • E-mail: nwaller@umn.edu
  • Sponsored by: Psychology, CLA Quantitative Models and Methods (QMM) Committee

Disability Options:

To request disability accommodations, please contact [Heidi Wolff, Psychology, psymain@umn.edu, 612-625-2818].

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OpenMx Workshop